About Us

Company Profile

Eclipse Film is a private listing company that was established to offer all kinds of tinting services as well as held many experiences in providing expertise advices in resolving issues and offered the best kind of services to many. Below are some of the information of our company know about.

Eclipse Film (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded by Mr. Ang Boon Teck; offered years of services since the establishment of 1998. At Eclipse Film, we aim to serve better by working closely to different level of designer and client in providing expertise and advices on several issues such as:

●  Costing aspect
●  Technical Viability of the product
●  Availability of the materials

At Eclipse Film, we strive to better define the core value of our own personal brand to better differentiates our own core brands from others, our core brands included a few such as:

●  Perfect Gard
●  Film Tack
●  Sunz
●  Perfect 70
●  Eclipse

Nature of Business

Eclipse Film (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a private limited corporation that our company’s primary business role focuses mainly as distributor or supplier of goods and services as well as service provider, as we strive to serve better in maintaining and enhancing a healthy relationship among the company and our consumers. One of our strength of acknowledgement was being the distributors for Maxpro as well as SK-Skincare Film.

Business Concept

As we engage in many forms of business interactions, the types of business concept that Eclipse Film (M) Sdn. Bhd. engage are mainly B2C concept (Business-to-Consumer) concept which involves in business transaction linking the company to the end users (consumers) of the company products and services as well as B2B concept (Business-to-Business) which is relating to e-business in the exchange of products and services between businesses and consumers. We offer a one-branch service provider to provide the platform needed to meet the needs of our demands.

Core Products

Even though we provide services in offering expertise in relating field of industry, our core products and services that we offer are mainly relating to all types of tinted products which signifies our core brand expertise in the knowledge of related products. With the promising fulfillment of services provided, the adequate knowledge of services as well as providing advices on issues of such costing aspect, technical viability of the product, availability of the materials, consumer now do have the advantages to engage in many forms of service all in one-branch as we strive to meet the demands and being able to fulfill the variety of services to the consumers.

Target Market

As we specialised in offering vehicle, building, office tinted services and advices, we do also offered colored decorative film or security film. In order to provide satisfying services and meeting the needs of our consumers, we also aim to serve better to our markets targeting mainly not only in West and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) but as well as Southeast Asia. With the expansion to a larger range of services offered, we aim to build customer awareness where we open options and varieties offered to the public at large to meet larger market.

We Specialise In

Vehicle, Building, Office Tinted, Coloured Decorative Film & Safety / Security Film / Paint Protection Film Windshield Protection Film